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We have more than 30 years of experience in the business and financial field. Among the specialties of firm are working with business owners to procure tax incentives and create tax-free or tax-preferred retirement income as well as business exit plans. Chris Baldino, the principal partner, authored "The New Retirement Plan," a guide to helping retirees understand the challenges they face at this stage in their financial life as well as "Post Pandemic Retirement Strategies" and has taught numerous adult education classes and seminars in retirement planning and mutual fund investing.

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Social Security Powr Video Course

Is it time for Social Security? Well, why not have it supersized? This library of educational videos is devoted to helping you to maximize all that you’ve got coming from your Social Security.

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Medicare Powr Video Course

It's game time. Ready? Because this video course is purely educational and is designed to walk you through Medicare step-by-step and get you over the finish line. Best of all, it's 100% FREE. No catch, no gimmick, no product pitch and no pressure.

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Tax Wise Retirement

Learn about how Uncle Sam accesses his share of your Retirement Accounts. Learn how to Reduce or Eliminate Social Security Taxation. The latest Roth Conversion Strategies. How to create Tax Free Cash Flow. How to be Tax Wise in Retirement. 

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